203(k) Full Consultant

The FHA 203K Full/Consultant program is designed for those major rehabilitations projects that often require detailed plans, architectural exhibits, permits, etc. Due to the complicated nature of these types of projects, a HUD trained consultant is required to supervise the project. The minimum cost of repairs is $5,000 and there is no maximum amount. Total loan amount is still subject to HUD county maximum limits.This product is available for purchases and rate/term refinances of primary residences.

  Eligible Repairs

• Major structural alterations and additions
• Major landscaping and site improvements
• Repair swimming pool (up to $1,500)
• Install well and/or septic (see below)
• Relocation of load bearing walls
• Converting multi
unit to a single unit or a single unit to a multiunit
• Other major improvements permanently fixed to the existing foundation or structure

Luxury items, such as new swimming pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, gazebos, barbeque pits, saunas, etc.are never allowed.

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