203(k) Streamline

The “Streamline” option is available for small, uncomplicated situations where total cost of labor and material add up to about $31,000 ($35,000 total renovation cost). No minimum dollar amount.
The streamline 203K is intended to help facilitate, uncomplicated improvements  or repairs to a home that does not require plans, consultants, engineers, architects, etc   Homeowners and purchasers can utilize this program to modernize their property to add comfort and enjoyment while adding property value and equity

Some examples are listed below

 ·       replacement of roofs, gutters and down spouts
 ·       Repair / replace / upgrade existing HVAC system
 ·       Repair / replace / upgrade plumbing and electrical system
 ·       Repair / replacement of flooring
 ·       Minor remodeling, such as kitchens, does not involve structural repairs
 ·       Painting interior and / or exterior
 ·       Weatherization (storm windows, doors, insulation, etc)
 ·       Purchase and installation of appliances
 ·       Accessibility improvements for persons with disabilities
 ·       Lead paint stabilization / abatement
 ·       Repair / replace exterior decks, patios, porches
 ·       Basement finishing and remodeling (no structural repairs allowed)
 ·       Basement waterproofing
 ·       Window and door replacement
 ·       Exterior wall residing

    Not Eligible under Streamline
·       Major remodeling such as relocation of load bearing walls
·       New construction including room additions
·       Repairs of any structural damage
·       Repairs requiring detailed plans, drawing, etc
·       Landscaping onsite amenity improvements
·       Work requiring six (6) months or longer to complete

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